Sales Intelligence

qvpage1 The Microtracking Sales Intelligence Suite

Real-time reports and statistics for better business decisions

No matter whether you control your own sales floor or you place your things on supermarket shelves, it is crucial for your business to understand that you have the right things, in the right place and how much exposure your products receive compared to the competition.

In the past this has been a very expensive and time consuming process, where teams of analysts gather data and crunch it through IT systems to provide management with an estimate of how the products are performing and highlight possible improvement activities, usually a whole three months behind the actual market.
Our simple smartphone app, allied with our powerful intelligence and flexible, intuitive user interface, can provide better business intelligence, instantly.

Simply by empowering your field sales people to gather data from products on the shelves during the course of their normal processes, and to upload it to our server, we provide real-time knowledge and insight into your business…
and the benefits just roll in….

  • Real-time sales data for each product, store, region or country
  • Sales analytics and predictions
  • Dynamic sales force incentives
  • Transparent sales force performance data
  • Increase sales force efficiency and optimize time
  • Face (Planogram) management of each shelf or display
  • Compliance with corporate product range agreements and gap analysis
  • Real-time records and alerts for under-performing products
  • Inventory and stock value across the whole network
  • Eliminate out-of-stock situations
  • Dramatically reduce product returns and “out-of-date” scenarios
  • Market penetration analysis
  • Tax and regulatory information
  • Strategic input
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Sales

Our service is already in use by the global retail brand Nestlé, and we will be happy to set you up with a simple trial.

Get the Sales Intelligence Introduction (.pdf) here