Remote Insight

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Continuous Communication with retail displays for full control of Sales and Inventory

Smart Displays, which communicate information about the things they contain, are a recognised trend in the retail industry.
However until now it has been necessary to place a tag on everything placed in the display, which allows the display to recognise each individual item.

Microtracking uses patented technology in the displays themselves to eliminate the need for this item-level tagging, which means your company saves a fortune in costs and long term commitment to RFID tags.

Our Remote Insight Suite enables your retail company to see what is present in EACH DISPLAY, WHEREVER IT IS, ALL THE TIME, without the need to add any tags or other identification labels to your existing products.
These tags represent the largest investment when considering smart displays, and so the Microtracking system reduces the LIFECYCLE COST of running smart displays to an UNPRECEDENTED level.

From this data we give you unprecedented, continuous, accurate information and insight into your operations and sales, directly onto your PC, Tablet or Smartphone,  without any human participation (apart from the person filling the display).

Truly valuable business insight for dynamic management decisions

  • Real-time sales and inventory data from each display or shelf system
  • Dramatically increase sales team performance
    • Sales analytics and predictions
    • Dynamic sales force incentives
    • Transparent sales performance data
    • Increase sales force efficiency and optimize time
  • Reduced working capital requirements
  • Reduced handling time for orders and replenishment
  • Enable consumer applications (eg. Product Finder apps)
  • Face (Planogram) compliance
  • Inventory and stock value across the whole network
  • Eliminate out-of-stock situations
  • Dramatically reduce product returns
  • Implement product recall in seconds  
  • Market penetration analysis
  • Tax and regulatory information
  • Strategic input
  • Reports and Statistics available on any PC, Tablet or Mobile Device
  • Flexible user interface for each user’s specific information
  • Increase Brand Value
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Profits

Please contact us via this website to discuss how our system can empower your retail business.

Download the short presentation (.pdf) here

The system has been designed for optimal performance with retail items containing metal or fluids and placed in spring loaded dispencers in or on display shelves. Other products may require some customized system design