InternetOfThingsHorizontal1The Microtracking ePedigree Suite

Its all about your THINGS.

If you are a PRODUCER, GROWER, MANUFACTURER, WHOLESALER, DISTRIBUTOR OR RETAILER your business needs information about your stuff.

The Microtracking ePedigree Suite provides you and/or your customers with critical knowledge and insight about the WHAT IS HAPPENING to your things throughout your operations and a permanent record of every event for every thing

Simple data capture applications for smartphones, handheld computers or static scanners, allied with the Microtracking Intelligence Software in the cloud (or inside your own IT environment) and a clever, intuitive Business Intelligence Interface, allow total visibility for everyone in the organisation.

There are many benefits, including…

• Dramatic increase in supply chain efficiency (significantly fewer mistakes, lower administration costs and corrective actions)
Authenticate your things and effectively prevent counterfeit items from entering your supply chain
• Reduced working capital requirements due to transparent inventory management at all points in the supply chain
• Lower production volumes by elimination of waste and shrinkage
• Reduction or elimination of out-of-stock scenarios
• Automated ordering and replenishment of stock

• Detailed information for product recalls
• Streamlined processes for product returns

• Reduction of out-of-date consumables
• A greater percentage of items sold at optimal price point (less need for discounting and customer incentives)
• Better market penetration due to real-time comparative analysis
• Transparent real-time sales incentive management and dynamic competetive incentives amongst sales staff
• Enhanced brand awareness and consumer feel-good-factor
• Traceability of things from Origin to Point of Sale
• Instantaneous proof of compliance with regulations and laws

Reduced costs
Increased sales and sales margins

With Microtracking’s unique subscription based service model you only pay for the information you need,

Get the ePedigree Introduction (.pdf) here