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Microtracking is a new way to empower your business.

We have built the INFRASTRUCTURE to give you REAL-TIME BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, INFORMATION AND INSIGHT about your retail, wholesale, distribution or production business and we want you to connect to it ON A SUBSCRIPTION BASIS. You basically pay for the amount of information you need.

This means a VERY LOW CAPEX, QUICK STARTUP, EASILY SCALABLE AND FLEXIBLE service to empower your management and staff with real-time information for more efficient decision making and more effective strategies.

Microtracking ePedigree Suite

Real-time buisiness intelligence about your things – all of them – all the time – IN YOUR POCKET. Where are they? Where have they been? Where are they going? What is their status? What is their value?

You can even spot COUNTERFEIT products the moment they enter the supply chain.

Detailed knowledge and insight about your business for optimal control, reduced costs and INCREASED PROFITS

Microtracking Sales Intelligence Suite

Empowers your retail business with real-time reports and statistics from the sales floor.

Whether you run your own stores or your things are placed on supermarket shelves you can now monitor critical business metrics such as MARKET PENETRATION, PRODUCT SELECTION COMPLIANCE, GAP ANALYSIS, PLANOGRAM COMPLIANCE and  SALES TEAM PERFORMANCE and make dynamic decisions which directly influence the financial performance of your LOCAL, REGIONAL OR GLOBAL OPERATIONS